Regale yourself to the simple yet elegant look of our Premier room. Everything in this room is exceptional. From the rich yet subtle hue of its surroundings to its subdued design, to its amenities, you will surely agree with us why we ranked it Premier. Above all, you’d be surprised to know that the price is affordable.

1,750 *Per night

Cancellation and Refund Policy

  1. Cancellation Policy:
  • No-show & Force Majeure:
    • No-show policy applies; exceptions for force majeure events upon review. Clearly communicated during booking, in confirmation emails, and on the hotel's website.
  • Refunds and Modifications   : 
    • Upon eligible booking cancellations, rebooking will be required and the rate adjustment and subject to availability of the room on the given date.
  • Cancellation Window for booking through online booking engine:
    • Guests can cancel their reservations made through the online booking engine if the scheduled check in time is 8 hours before the scheduled check-in time.
    • Guests cannot cancel their reservations made through the self-check-in kiosk if the scheduled check-in time is less than 8 hours.
  1. Cancellation Process :
  • Cancellations can be made by accessing the reservation through the self-check-in  booking engine.
  • Cancellation Allowable Frequency    :  Cancellations made are subject for rebooking up to 2 times only and the payment shall be forfeited if after 2 rebookings and not shown.
  1. Refund Process:
  • Requests for refunds must be submitted within [2] working days of the transaction date.

Approved Refund Scenarios:

    • Double Charge: If a guest is accidentally charged twice for the same booking, we will promptly refund the duplicate transaction amount.
    • Technical Glitches: Refunds may be issued for payments affected by technical issues or errors in the payment gateway system.