All Rooms Are Equipped With the Following:


Hot and Cold Shower

Towel and Blanket

Air Condition Unit


Hair Dryer

2 Bottled Water

Personal Care Kit
Price₱ 1,581 Night

Premium Room

Indulge yourself in our Premium room. Everything in this room is exceptional. From the rich yet subtle hue of its surroundings, to its simple yet elegant design, to its amenities, you will surely agree with us why we called it Premium. Above all, you’d be surprised to know that the price is affordable.
Price₱ 1,852 Night

Mini Suite Room

Our Mini Suite room is highly recommended for those who want quiet respite or an overnight stay. With just about the right space and reasonably priced, the light painted walls are enhanced by the colorful backlit designs. If you’re still longing for a place to recharge your body and mind, dream no more.
Price₱ 2,800 Night


This is what we call our own version of a Love Boat. Our Penthouse room is conducive for a simple gathering with friends or small functions, since it has an upper and a lower floor. Equipped with all of the amenities you need to have a great time, our Penthouse even has a big whirlpool Jacuzzi pool. Definitely a great place to party or unwind with friends or relatives.
Price₱ 2,304 Night

Executive Suite

Our Executive Suite offers the perfect getaway after a long day on the road or at work. Its room design has a very relaxing theme that offer the right mood for either a romantic interlude or a stress eliminator.
Price₱ 2,575 Night

Mega Suite Room

They say three is a crowd. But in our Mega Suite room, you’d agree that a company of three is just perfect. With a Queen-Size bed and a single bed, the relaxing ambience is enhanced by the subtle colored walls complemented by the accent lights. Ideal for that much needed break that you long for.